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in Creative Power
Love is the life force.
Everything comes from within.
Creativity gives way to manifestation.
Freedom is Being in the Flow of the moment.
BeCause you are the Divine, excellence is the calling.
Awareness is desire, decide, allow and energize in the know.


We are vibratory beings interpreting with our brain what we see, smell, taste, hear and touch. Largely unaware of that miraculous and delicate process, everything we know is described by our language. This includes the way in which we identify ourselves, the construct and personality we took on by age 3, and the processes of our thinking mind. When examining our lives, it is wise to consider the very definitions contained in our language. When examining our construct to improve upon it such as looking at how we developed our strengths and shortcomings, or determining the unconscious beliefs or belief systems we hold at our core, or understanding our awareness level we have now, words become an outstanding source of wow! and aha! moments.

Sometimes we'll use a word unaware of the vibration that we hold on it. Re-cognizing how we took on our own definitions for words, because we have a perception operating while adopting a language, tells us loads of information about our process to-date. And in the English language, with so many definitions of the same word, it's really an incredible tool for understanding and changing ourselves. By adjusting our thinking we adjust our lives. So get ready to blow your mind with the definition game!

We can accelerate the process of achieving greater awareness exponentially by using the dictionary to simply look up words and compare the meaning we think with in our head -- or often unaware of altogether -- to what the word is in its dictionary definition. Because in the act of doing so, events of the deep core past can surface. When they surface, and only when they are at surface can we actually embrace them and let them go. They arrive literally to allow us to go forward, to grow, especially when we ask the Universe to assist in this process. I say, "Universe, what is this? Help me find the root cause or event of this effect so that I can let go of it and dwell in my brilliant true nature."

Take a good look at the definitions of words you use all the time. Then take a look at words like interest, value, and currency and see if you begin getting information of past events surfacing to your consciousness. These are great clues as to the thoughts and thought patterns, spoken words, persons or events that may have brought on pushed buttons, uncontrolled emotions and not such great re-actions.

Take interest, for example. Interest can have deep meaning for our attachments or attitudes about money, relationship, and business, family, love and more. Currency can have deep meaning for our sense of energy and money. Energy? Yes, because the energy that supplies every last little thing in life is one and the same as what feeds each of us, and is us. We're made up of the same energy. Deep at our core we have knowledge. When we clear mis-understandings of our unawareness which may in fact be decades old, we begin to see the language we use is far more important that we could have ever imagined. This is because, as science now proves, thoughts are things. And thoughts shape matter.

Check out this definition of anxiety according to Webster's New World Dictionary, and get a big clue as to how words we think with and speak frame and fit into our operating consciousness, the Laws of the Universe, and why this aspect of the game -- language -- is so important:

Anxiety: 1. worry or uneasiness about what may happen 2. an eager desire

It can be radically empowering and enlightening, or take us down the slipperiest slope into the depths of unawareness. Which one are we looking at? Is the glass half full or half empty? Which side of the fine line does our subconscious mind tend to gravitate to? Which is my meaning whether thinking of the form of the words I think with and use to speak with? Or not thinking at all with? Gravity or gravy? Gratitude? Automatic or default can be dangerous. What does that mean?

Language, spoken, written or thought, is creation in action creating our outer world real-ity. It is said that writing is the doing part of thinking. To me writing is an effect of our thinking mind when on the intellectual plane. When on the plane of Higher Mind or Pure Mind, aka Spirit, what flows through us isn't exactly writing as we typically think of it, it's what most in awareness call channeling, downloading, dumping, receiving, and getting the message.

We can best understand ourselves by examining not just our writing, but the very definition of our words first. And take it a step further, check out not just the definition but the etymology or root origin of our words that can make a key difference in our lives! Because remember, it is absolute that we create our own little world and every detail in our reality. Now is the time in history for us all to take back our power! Use this tool and have fun and epiphanies with it.

Look up the meaning and origin of a new word every day and consider its uses. Next consider its implications for the old you and now the new you, which means, you may just love to redefine it for yourself. Often, because of the mirror image concept of our nature, we are telling others to do the very thing that our Higher Self is nudging us to do ourselves! This is not for use as a means to beat ourselves or anybody else up, but a brilliant means of radically and rapidly becoming who we would truly love to be. And to do, and to have. We all want love and an ever increasing abundance and it is ours for the receiving, when we know how to achieve it.

Remember these definitions for the greatest possible empowerment:
Inspiration means "In Spirit".
Enthusiasm means "To be filled with God."
Hate means "To avoid."
Love means "To embrace." Some say, to be in the heart of God.

Check out the words below and any other word or combination of words that stand out in your mind, or show up repeatedly in your own language to get your attention.

Follow through with the definition words and synonyms as well until you have a thorough understanding of how well you use your own language.

Have fun hyphenating words like ignor-ant and dis-ease.

Check out how changing forms like current and currency and income and incoming can relate to your creative power.

Create an affirmation for each day using new words to ignite your creative power. My new favorite: *** Remember that the outgo is the inflow! ***

Take time to contemplate the meaning of action, attraction and satisfaction.

Understand that language is one of our greatest limitations, and contemplate how to improve yours!