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Increase Awareness           Create Intentionally

in Creative Power
Love is the life force.
Everything comes from within.
Creativity gives way to manifestation.
Freedom is Being in the Flow of the moment.
BeCause you are the Divine, excellence is the calling.
Awareness is desire, decide, allow and energize in the know.


In the process of creating our new construct, tearing out the old and replacing it with the new, we will likely have some weeds growing, the old ways of thinking yet to be pulled up the roots, nagging at us to stay the same. Some may stay hidden just below the surface like a dormant volcano. When they begin to pop up we can yank them out, embrace them, actually grateful for showing us what can be released today, and send them away. Hopefully we've done such a good job that when the dormant volcano attempts to blow we've established enough control to comprehend, understand and minimize the downward spiral.

For those particularly strong but undesirable patterns one technique stands out as an effective tool. We can simply flip the coin! We can flip our emotions from fear to courage and from hate to love and disgust into compassion. And we had better do that for ourselves because otherwise we're creating more negatives into our lives. It's our perspective which projects an energetic vibration emitting from us to the forces outside of us that then attracts back to us like energies. We all know that there are all points of relativity on a pole, such as hot and cold, points in between being some degree of cool or warm compared to the extreme. When in a place energetically where we don't want to be, we can decide to engage its opposite, focus on it and usually turn it around immediately to begin the ascent into feeling better about ourselves and our lives.

For example, when something doesn't happen we would have liked, or arrive on time, we can look at what we like about it not happening or what benefit is in doing it differently. Maybe a delay takes us to a place where we meet somebody we would not have met otherwise. When we look at having too much stuff we can decide to look at all the benefit in having it and in giving it away. When we don't have enough money for making a business purchase we could look at other ways the goal could be achieved. We could also look elsewhere for what is needed, develop a partnership or find the skills or education or clients needed to earn more. In retrospect we can consider that character is built through failure.

In full awareness we can watch in amazement as the Universal forces bring to us another aspect of what we are wanting, asking for, and looking to create. James Ray shares that quantum physics proves that whatever we go looking for, we will find. Because we are energizing it. "Watch out what you ask for" is the old saying, because we are so powerful! So the question he poses is "What are you looking at?" This is a really potent question when we understand the law of polarity and the level of power that we truly have in creating our reality. When we can see the other side, we can flip our viewpoint, perspective and attitude. This is how we execute changing our construct.

Remember, everything outside of us is a reflection of the inside. We are showing ourselves how to be more loving, improve, and go for what we really want.

It often takes time to comprehend we are in a problem, issue or habit pattern of the negative sort because it's been a part of us so long. We may not even be aware it does no good to harp on it or beat ourselves up over it. But that just takes us down further. As the teachers in "The Secret" say, we all have a story and that's just "so what." What are we going to do now? Now is the moment of new opportunity.

This flip-the-coin technique is valuable in staying on track in our new construct. The trick to it is to catch whenever we are in the negative state of being. To further accomplish that awareness we can ask ourselves more questions. These are effective as well:

1) What am I thinking? (mental plane)
2) How am I feeling? (emotional plane)
3) What am I doing? (physical plane) and
4) How am I being? (spiritual plane)

Most often we will find that we were not being loving, meaning therefore, not loving ourselves. We cannot love another if we are not loving ourselves first. So when we get to that aha moment, we can decide to love ourselves. Treat yourself to a fabulous ice cream and contemplate how to change your vibration to more loving. Flipping the coin is easy when we get the hang of it!

What it really means is to decide to spiral up once again! Because we are always in motion, we are usually spiraling up, consciously because we want to feel better and naturally we are increasing and happiness is up. But when something goes "wrong" and we're not in emotional control we react with wrong and things can get worse. Eventually we get to that question of "hey, wait a minute, what's this about anyway and how does it really serve me?" Then we can return to up again.

We can also use the rule "it's all good" as a technique to elevate our consciousness as well. Once we understand, use it and incorporate it, it's a big coin flipper! Whatever it takes to remain in a higher vibration is the key to creating all that we would love to have flowing into our lives. At its foundation is the core truth of giving is receiving. When we give love, we get love in return. This is the foundation of life. When we give less than love, we will get less than love back. It is the law. As Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Most of us were taught to go out and "get" what we need, a mis-take on life. Giving is receiving. "What vibration am I in?" meaning giving out, is another great coin-flipping question.

The value of flip the coin is gold! We improve, we increase, we gain our desires. The gold is well worth every second of effort! As Deirdre Morgan teaches, we accomplish with consistent, repeated effort. Flip the coin and spiral up! Never give up and the gold is yours.

I am creating it all!