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Increase Awareness           Create Intentionally

in Creative Power
Love is the life force.
Everything comes from within.
Creativity gives way to manifestation.
Freedom is Being in the Flow of the moment.
BeCause you are the Divine, excellence is the calling.
Awareness is desire, decide, allow and energize in the know.


What's the meaning of the dragonfly fetish?

In Native American legend the turtle represents Mother Earth and the dragonfly is the symbol of Illusion. Life as we see, smell, taste, touch and hear with our 5 senses is only a small portion of what reality is, what we can see is really happening around us. The truth as science is now proving, is that our thoughts and vibration or feelings of those thoughts literally create our reality from out of the "empty" space around us. But it's not empty. That's light or energy that surrounds us, and each photon is packed with power. Think about that little word atomic.

If we could see with our eyeballs all the waves that are bouncing through the space in front of us we would be colliding into thousands of things and probably not travel very far. Light waves, sound waves, radio waves, electromagnetic waves, thought waves, heat waves, only God probably knows how many waves. But the truth is, we're colliding with them anyway! Just because we don't see them doesn't mean they're not there. So it may be new news to you to find out that we create with our thought waves that travel by vibration out from our being to others and the Universe to attract like energies right back to us.

Isn't that exciting! We have phenomenal creative power!

What are you thinking? You are creating it all!