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Increase Awareness           Create Intentionally

in Creative Power
Love is the life force.
Everything comes from within.
Creativity gives way to manifestation.
Freedom is Being in the Flow of the moment.
BeCause you are the Divine, excellence is the calling.
Awareness is desire, decide, allow and energize in the know.


I am, I become, and I create whatever I ignite. I am creating it all.

What's my passion? You're in it! Along with a few other deep desires.

What's your passion?

Reconstruction is easy when you know the answer to this question!

If you read the Garden of my Mind page you know how this works already but this is the perfect time to repeat, repeat, repeat, for the simplest way to incorporate what we all need to do to create a new life, build a new core belief structure or paradigm which is a bunch of beliefs that we've adopted. It is termed "mindset".

Our repeated thoughts = our beliefs.
Our repeated beliefs = our mindset (core belief structure).
Our mindset = results in our body and our own little world.

Thoughts (create)=> emotion (create)=> our actions = our body & our external world.

In our reality, our thoughts, emotions and actions create abundance, health and happiness or they create the opposing poverty, disease and unhappiness. What's your predominant resonance bringing in? Don't like it? Change it. Change your thinking!

  30 days=>  

Imagine you have a big glass half full of juice.
This represents your mind holding your mindset or core beliefs.

Imagine pouring crystal clear water (new wonderful happy thoughts) into the glass of juice and continue pouring water until the juice is overflowing, spilling out of the glass. Continue pouring the new thoughts until the juice (old thought patterns) is completely gone. Before you know it you have ONLY crystal clear water or new thoughts being a new mindset, one that is in your control, in awareness. In awareness, we create intentionally.

When we allow pure thought to rule, following our bliss, we flow from or in Spirit.

All any of us need to do is continue with new thoughts for 25-30 days for the new mindset to take hold. These new thoughts are very simply: that which you DO want, feeling good, being happy, knowing in absolute certainty you are loved, deserving and willing "it" delivered, and taking steps toward that goal.

It is the law.

This reconstruction must be accomplished without contradiction. That's the toughest part. Not too tough, but the toughest thing we will ever do. When accomplished in 30 days we're home-free! We cannot, however, get to new thinking without clearing old impeding beliefs, when we are emotionally upset, or feeling any sense of worry, fear or burden. We cannot have any sense of being victimized. We have to gain our controlling will and determine the beginning, the new mindset and the results.

I can help you accomplish this feat for yourself! Serving in this process is my passion!

Here's a scientific discovery referencing why it only takes 25-30 days for the brain to build new neural pathways, as told by Jack Canfield in Bob Proctor's "The Science of Getting Rich" program. Now, remember that the human brain is considered to be 2 parts, the brain, and the peripheral nervous system. This means that every cell in our body, because it is operating on nerve impulse is the brain.

NASA scientists wanted to determine what would happen if the astronauts were under extreme duress for long periods of time. They gave the astronauts goggles which flipped their vision upside down and they had to wear them 24/7, while they ate, slept, showered, everything, without taking them off. Jack said nobody could have predicted what happened next. Every astronaut's vision was flipped right-side-up again within 25-30 days. The brain literally made new neural pathways that bypassed the goggles' impairing normal sight. Everyone was astounded! It was almost unbelievable.

In repeating the experiment, another group of astronauts were given the goggles to wear, again for 24/7. But this time at day 15 half the group took their goggles off for one day. All astronauts experienced the same results. Their vision was flipped between 25-30 consecutive days, including the group that took theirs off at day 15. They had to endure starting over to "go the distance" of 25-30 consecutive days.

Isn't that incredible!? Imagine, you have that power! You do! And you can create what you want by new thinking! Like most of us who are just learning this truth, that we have the power to create with our thinking, especially if a child of The Great Depression-era parents, it's stunning! And it's easy enough to accomplish. Success is possible for each of us to achieve over seemingly insurmountable odds. It begins in our thinking. Most of us are unwittingly creating by observing "what is" already in our lives. We must imagine the new desired results, constantly! Read The Rules!

The proof is in our results! And noone else can do this for us but us!

As Bob Doyle said in The Secret, some people start out small, such as attracting a cup of coffee today.

I agree that small is a great way to begin. Think of something that you would love to have and think about it, feel like you have it in your possession already. Imagine how it feels. Talk to somebody on the phone or in your house about it. Visualize it.

If you're a skeptic or tend to contradict yourself often, just give it a shot. You've really got nothing to lose. I know we can be grateful for things we don't have in our possession like strawberries in winter. Somewhere in the world it's summer, right? So imagine and be grateful for what you want even if it is not in your possession. The more you think about something with love and appreciation, the more power you generate to manifest like matter to you. When in our knowing we expect it and before we know it, like magic, it shows up. Take it lightly.

The more we see our small desires showing up, made manifest, now in our "current reality", (what some people call references) the more easily we believe, gradually reinforcing our new core belief structure or mindset, and the further and greater we can then expand upon this truth.

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Traveling the Globe

I am creating it all!