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Increase Awareness           Create Intentionally

in Creative Power
Love is the life force.
Everything comes from within.
Creativity gives way to manifestation.
Freedom is Being in the Flow of the moment.
BeCause you are the Divine, excellence is the calling.
Awareness is desire, decide, allow and energize in the know.

Recipe and Rules of Engagement

Who: One Spiritual Being in a human body
What: Express/expand Individual Soul purpose
When: NOW is the only time
Where: Planet Earth, Plane of Mind
How: Easy 1-2-3 to heart's deepest desires
Why: Outrageous joy!
Win: Create exactly what you Love!

Tickle your Mind, tackle your feelings and flex your toes!
Learn and apply the process, and repeat!
Imagine. Dream. Choose tools, tunes, costumes, colors
and paint, type, shape, shake, stir and bake.
It's you, it's creative, it takes NOW to create!
And it's as exciting as you could possibly make!

1. You're engaged in this process whether you know it or not.
This means you are creating your own reality in awareness or ignorance in accordance with the Laws of the Universe. Choose to create greater awareness to engage fully in creating your heart's deepest desires.

2. Our Mind is a center of Divine operation and we operate in Unlimited Supply of our Pure Source Energy.
Operating intentionally when doing our work, expressing ourselves in gratitude for our blessings while acknowledging each Divine Being as sacred, we are accessing our full creative power.

3. Whatever we give our attention to we create.
Whatever we energize attracts back to us the same like energies. When we focus on what we want with our full creative power, we get it easily and receive it upon delivery.

4. In gratitude we must be in order to achieve our desires.
In a state of grace, counting our blessings means our thinking mind is occupied with all the good in life, meaning we are connected in Spirit, in prosperity consciousness, and thriving!

5. Stay inspired and the world will be a magic carpet at your feet.
We experience as we express ourselves and expand our consciousness on the journey, the path, known as the way of the Spiritual Warrior to many. It's the way of staying connected or in Love, in the power that is truly us. Inspired means "in Spirit."

6. Pure thought is Spirit speaking through us.
Literally, God, Spirit or Higher Self acts through us. That's why we're here, to express ourSelves and to expand our own thus God Consciousness.

7. We and every thing is made up of the same Energy.
All is thought first, then formed into matter. The "empty" space in front of us is packed with photons of atomic power that connect with our thought waves and form and attract matter. It's there even though we cannot see it or believe it. Get excited, learn how and use it!

8. The 1-2-3-step process of creation.
1. By being in-tune with our deepest desires through our heart, our channel to Spirit, we allow and receive impulses that trigger our THOUGHTS.
2. Those thoughts generate a vibrational response in our body called FEELINGS, aka e-motions, which motivate us in the outside world.
3. Our motivated ACTION sets up a return, brings back, attracting to us, like-kind energies "real-ized" by receiving in our real-ity.
The ancients were taught this esoteric axiom that describes a two-step process: Perception is projection.

9. We spiral up or spiral down, dancing in the energetic flow.
Traveling the planes of consciousness with feet actively moving in the physical takes us through the dance. Generating high energies in focus on the good, the best in everyone and every thing, and what we truly want is required in order to get good, the best, and what we truly want.

10. In high energy of excitement, in our full creative power, we win and produce more!
When operating intentionally, paying full attention, consciously aware in our process, and exercising our creative power, we declare our desires to the Universe and watch it produce our reality, often greater than we could have ever imagined! If not, running on automatic pilot produces what T. Harv Eker calls being the "crap magnet."

Learn to dance in your full creative power and you too can live full throttle!
Become Aware and Create!

To begin learning play the game from the beginning.
We all know what happens when skipping important points.
Therefore, special thanks to my mentor, James Arthur Ray
who lit my path each and every day in a very heartfelt way.
And Godspeed to each and every One each day!

Click on the icons below for the full story
and to engage in developing your full creative power
at these Christine Marya Creative Power Sites!
Have a blast in your own imagination!

For the expanded rules see the Sight Map!

Pardon our construction, but creativity is creation, action in motion.
You can watch as we build. Enjoy the process and stay tuned!