The Awareness of Creative Power
Awareness allows greater adventure!
Awareness of our creative power is necessary to fully engage in it. Greater awareness affords greater opportunity, expression and expansion. What is greater? A term of relativity defining increase, and as all language does, the construct of our self, the ego, Latin for "I". An empty vessel upon arrival in the womb, we begin building our construct. We become whom we choose to be, by what we take on for ourselves, consciously or unconsciously. Awareness of that which we choose to believe, the thoughts we adopt and their energies we move forward from allows us to intentionally improve. We are continuously evolving and at absolute choice. Engage in understanding the cycle, it's governance, and the value of the contrast, to live outrageous joy!
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Expanded Rules of Engagement
There are no worries in full awareness, only the thrill of living moves us. Why? Because when we know who we really are, we're not only connected but re-membered, rejoined with the Life Force. We are it! We can feel it moving within, through and surrounding us. Relax and enjoy while exploring! Understanding the process, the laws we operate in, are ultimately, not just extremely, but supremely powerful. Life altering! Giving us every advantage to live the exact life we desire, our purpose, in sacred glory. De-sire, Latin for "of the Father". It's your choice. Create in the full power, in the full well-being, in the full abundance we are designed to enjoy. Engage in standing under the Laws of the Universe and your gift is the present, whatever your great big magnificent heart desires.
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Increase Awareness           Create Intentionally

in Creative Power
Love is the life force.
Everything comes from within.
Creativity gives way to manifestation.
Freedom is Being in the Flow of the moment.
BeCause you are the Divine, excellence is the calling.
Awareness is desire, decide, allow and energize in the know.

Recipe and Rules of Engagement

Who: One Spiritual Being in a human body
What: Express/expand Individual Soul purpose
When: NOW is the only time
Where: Planet Earth, Plane of Mind
How: Easy 1-2-3 to heart's deepest desires
Why: Outrageous joy!
Win: Create exactly what you Love!

Tickle your Mind, tackle your feelings and flex your toes!
Learn and apply the process, and repeat!
Imagine. Dream. Choose tools, tunes, costumes, colors
and paint, type, shape, shake, stir and bake.
It's you, it's creative, it takes NOW to create!
And it's as exciting as you could possibly make!

Believe Nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. -- Buddha

Don't let the Buddha quote confuse you. This is truth. And these pages are my recipe and interpretation. Take on only that which resonates with your highest vibration. We each step up one step at a time. Trust in your God, Spirit or Higher Power, whatever form or language it is in, and take the leap of faith to the next step. It's ok to feel apprehension for a second. Then transform it, turn it into appreciation since all that can really happen is that you return to your previous place having learned something about yourself in it, and that in itself is a step. I am thrilled to be me, and for all that has happened in my life. I couldn't be me without all that I have experienced.

We are Spirit made flesh for a purpose, often forced to stop using our imagination and pay attention to something like school books or other people instead at a very young age. But being en-couraged to live our imagination, develop those talents and abilities we envision there, we would most likely realize our dreams, our true purpose, much faster.

Now is the only time that exists because the past is a memory and the future a plan or dream, so action can only be taken in the NOW and it's required. It is called the present because it is in-deed that which can be real-ized by taking action upon inspiration. That which we are inspired to do brings us outrageous joy. It's what we Love!

Obvious as it may be to some, often it is not clear to others that we can in fact have whatever it is we desire to have in our lives, to do, to be. Perfect health, incredible wealth, any toys or career, recreation, vocation, vacation, anything our heart desires, and in a few heartbeats. It is easy when in right Mind. Find out how, here. If you don't get it right on from these pages, call for creative power awareness counseling.

You will win when you will to win, that is have the willingness to change, learn and grow, consistently, dropping the mental fixation, block or wall that has kept you from it until now. It is only something you learned and thought about previously, just as we all have. Now you can step up and build a new construct, a new reality for you and everything about you. You can have anything! It's awesome! Read on and do it, as you see fit for yourself! No-one can do it for you!

1. You're engaged in this process whether you know it or not.
This means you are creating your own reality in awareness or ignorance in accordance with the Laws of the Universe. Choose to create greater awareness to engage fully in creating your heart's deepest desires. Since the majority of the world has not been introduced to the laws that truly govern how we operate, most of us create more of the same by observing what is before us. However, in awareness, what is before us is obviously what we have thought and created previously. Obvious when thinking, "I want to create something new!" We go for it and create new. Many of us are in "unawareness" mentality, perhaps stuck in "victim mentality", meaning believing that our power lies in something or someone outside of ourself and look around, like an energy vampire for something or someone to feed us that which we believe we cannot create for ourselves. We are constantly giving our power away to those we think are in authority but in truth we are our own authority. When giving our power to that which we are complaining about means we are in improper thinking, disconnected from our Source, perhaps not having a clue of our true power. Each of us is a powerful creator and can choose Mastery. Now you have the works in these sites, links and Masters and as always, aware or not, you are at absolute choice.

2. Our Mind is a center of Divine operation and we operate in Unlimited Supply of our Pure Source Energy.
Operating intentionally when doing our work, expressing ourselves in gratitude for our blessings while acknowledging each Divine Being as sacred, we are accessing our full creative power. When operating from the eyes and heart of our Source Energy, we find not only the greatest relief from stresses in our lives but the very essence and power of our Divinity within. When we were or slip into being disconnected, when not remembering who we really are, we are thinking improperly, probably spiraling down into negativity. Knowing our unlimited abundance is what we can now enjoy while we manifest anything and everything we'd love to create. We are Spiritual Beings in a human being body having a physical experience means we are more power-fully Spirit, eternal and infinite and only residing in this flesh for a moment of eternity. We have all the power of the Universe at our fingertips and can access it by command. I snap my fingers and say "Universe, I would like to have a housesitting job on Maui for a month" and voila! it appeared that day! This is how it works, when under the law and clear and precise about what we'd like or love! to have, do and become. A dancer was explaining to someone in front of me the expression of his movement is "like the Divine." I said "It's like the Divine because you ARE the Divine!" He thought for a moment then laughed, getting it fully, and agreed, with great joy! This beautiful Divine reality is absolute Truth, and is what we can know for ourselves with absolute certainty!

3. Whatever we give our attention to we create.
Whatever we energize attracts back to us the same like energies. When we focus on what we want with our full creative power, we get it easily and receive it upon delivery. Our attitude, the vibe we put out draws back to us the same like energies. This is proven in science, not just a theory. Our thoughts are measured energies that penetrate matter. We operate on vibration, or resonance, just like all animals that speak a different language, because all energies are vibrating. In the womb we begin to take on the vibrations of our mother and those around her. We begin our belief systems in vibration and as we learn it, a language by way of sound. When we focus with absolute certainty and e-motion on what we want, we get it. Likewise, when we focus on what we do not want, we get it. Our thinking mind only interprets what is there, positive or negative. So when someone says don't think about that piece of cake, that's exactly what we will think about. Therefore our only competition is between our disciplined and undisciplined mind. When we look at everything that we could choose from in full awareness, we can better focus on what we want, stick with it, therefore not contradicting in any way, and receive it upon delivery. We fail for not focusing, contradicting ourselves by being undecided or changing our mind, or having the old tapes running, not being in control of our mind but having our old-tapes-running-mind running us. But failure is a contrast that spurs growth, just like manure, it's a natural fertilizer. In fact, a degree of conflict, aka moving beyond our comfort zone, is a necessity for growth. We cannot succeed without some idea of its points of relativity. We decide what success is for ourselves. We define it in our own language, with our own perspective. Failure always contains the seeds of an equal or greater opportunity for success. Whatever we think about predominantly and resonate with, we will create. It's natural law.

4. In gratitude we must be in order to achieve our desires.
In a state of grace, counting our blessings means our thinking mind is occupied with all the good in life, meaning we are connected in Spirit, in prosperity consciousness, and thriving! In grace we are in the highest state of being in Spirit, or Love and this keeps us on track to what we truly want for ourselves. When we fall away from the highest states, we will be attracting other than that which we desire and therefore our e-motions, energy in motion indicate that we are falsely creating, feeling "bad." When aware we can change our thoughts, thus our feelings. As we practice it more, any time we get upset, somebody pushes our buttons, or we begin having feelings of sadness, defeat or any other feeling other than good, we can turn it around, flip the coin by making the decision to think better thoughts, to begin to spiral up again, toward where we really want to be. All of us, really want to be up, high, living the good life, feeling the good, acting in a good way, thinking good thoughts, imagining our dreams coming true, to-fruition. We are the Divine and we want to be loving, and yes, we can have it all! Because we are each creating it all for ourselves! So many of us will offer gratitude exercises to spiral up. Sit and write a list of things you love in life, in your possession at this hot little moment or not, and watch as you feel better and better. It can be something in our imagination, wherein our inner reality is actually just as real as our outer reality. This is how we real-ize that which we desire, beginning in our imagination. In the middle of winter you can still love and appreciate fresh strawberries! Do it and see for yourself. Stay in grace, gratitude, goodness and Love. It's awesome when you begin to think of the miracle of life itself, heart pumping, breathing and enjoying that which can be realized for and by you.

5. Stay inspired and the world will be a magic carpet at your feet.
We experience as we express ourselves and expand our consciousness on the journey, the path, known as the way of the Spiritual Warrior to many. It's the way of staying connected or in Love, in the power that is truly us. Inspired means "in Spirit." When we fill ourselves up with this quality of being, of Spirit, we muster all the power of the Universe to serve through us. We feel it and act upon it rather than any other form of being. When we accomplish this consistently, being in high energies, meaning not wasting any moments in low energies, we are in our full creative power. We can feel the power and dance in it, witnessing the magic in action as we manifest what we want! We can have the love, the money, the things, because all the riches of life are available to us. Moving from the impulses within, we are taking the action that produces that which we have asked for, prayed about, knowing it is coming with certainty, with expectation, probably bigger and better than we could imagine. We watch as it unfolds. The Universe delivers and we must be open to receive it, willing to allow it in, by being in alignment, in like energies with it. Believing is receiving. So that when I want that perfect relationship, I must be the person that I would like to attract. I must be moving with the faith, the action, the energies that will bring about the results of that which I have asked. In choosing millions of dollars, I must be taking the actions of bringing in millions of dollars, all-the-while feeling the feelings of already living it, enjoying it, utilizing it for my good and the highest good of all.

6. Pure thought is Spirit speaking through us.
Literally, God, Spirit or Higher Self acts through us. That's why we're here, to express ourSelves and to expand our own thus God Consciousness. Most of us have probably experienced at least once, a time when we open our mouths and something comes out that we don't know where that thought came from because we didn't have that thought. This is an example of Spirit acting through us, or more aptly, moving from Spirit. Even if it doesn't seem all that positive at first, there's movement from within that. when negative, purposes to shake us up a bit so that we can lighten up and spiral up. There's another aspect of this: when we stop growing, the Universe comes along to kick our *ss so we can start growing again. But this is at the unconscious state. In consciousness, most of the time, if in-tune with Source, in clear connection, our thinking mind is silent and allowing that which we would like to be, our highest self, to be moving us. Often when we find ourselves moving to talk to someone, visit a place or feel directed to do something we find the magic happening before us because we are knowing and feeling it, and allowing it, going with the flow. We can feel it! It's not a coincidence. There is no coincidence. And there are no accidents. We have asked, prayed, or imagined it into our real-ity. This is the process of our true power of creation on this Earth plane. And anything we attend to can happen immediately. That's why the old saying exists, be careful what you ask for! The native American Indians say "Walk in beauty" for this is the way of Spirit. Our gifts are priceless, immeasurable, awesome and "unreal" at the highest levels. We see them culminate in achievement at the Academy Awards ceremonies when the prize winners say "Wow, don't let anybody tell you you can't realize your dreams." We see miracles in healing, finance, relationship, clarity in thinking, and more, often simply a change in consciousness, elevating to a higher state. Allow and receive through meditation and disbelief will give way to possibility because at the deepest level you know the Truth because it is you. You know you can. If we think we can we can. If we think we cannot, we cannot. The inner conflict arises when we know in Spirit but don't know in thinking mind. When we stop feeling bad and repeat until we believe, we can achieve. It can feel like a vicious circle, but we can each access it when we turn off our thinking mind. Love yourself enough to stop the negative long enough to allow and achieve.

7. We and every thing is made up of the same Energy.
All is thought first, then formed into matter. The "empty" space in front of us is packed with photons of atomic power that connect with our thought waves and form and attract matter. It's there even though we cannot see it or believe it. Get excited, learn how and use it! That matter, most importantly can be directly transformed in our own body, thus we can heal instantly, just as we create toxins instantly with stress. Because nothing is ever created or destroyed, only changing form, most things, people, events, songs we hear, words we see in a newspaper or online, words said in overhearing a conversation, books we need, programs to help us, money we need, the answers we are seeking are attracted to us by our own energies. Whatever energy we are vibrating in, positive or negative, it is our choice to be, and we are attracting constantly. It comes from us outward into the world and attracts back to us that which is the same. So, for example, if that person I've attracted isn't whom I thought I was asking for, I can see the gift in it, that they are not whom I wanted because I am not yet whom I want to be, so I can clean myself up and be whom I want to attract. Many of the current-day thought leaders or Masters talk about the science of thought waves and matter. We can understand it more when thinking of radio waves, light waves, electricity, things we know are happening but are not seen with our eyes or senses. We don't see atomic level or cellular activity, but we know it exists. Similarly, if we could see them we would be colliding with, walking into the energies or light particles of the very "space" before us. It is said that all the worlds oceans could be boiled in the square meter of light energy in front of us. For an in-depth conversation about quantum physics visit and under free audio you can find an interview with Bob Doyle about the Law of Attraction in which James defines the actual science, the photon itself, and how it synchronizes in our Spiritual-physical world. James points out again that if we are damning any thing in creation, we are damning the flow of God. Because each of us and everything in Nature is made of the same energy, the Divine. It is us. So every thought counts. Everything matters, no matter how small, a reflection of ourselves. And no action is action. And any thing is possible! Do you get what that means? Anything you would like is possible! So get on it, like surfing, get on board and flow in the energies of the greatness of it, and watch it happen!

8. The 1-2-3-step process of creation.
1. By being in-tune with our deepest desires through our heart, our channel to Spirit, we allow and receive impulses that trigger our THOUGHTS.
2. Those thoughts generate a vibrational response in our body called FEELINGS, aka e-motions, which motivate us in the outside world.
3. Our motivated ACTION sets up a return, brings back, attracting to us, like-kind energies "real-ized" by receiving in our real-ity.
The ancients were taught this esoteric axiom that describes a two-step process: Perception is projection. Because those of us who don't understand this power are typically thinking with our thinking mind rather than our heart and our truest desires, in other words, we are operating on programming that we developed since birth that is not based in this Truth, we tend to resist that it is even a possibility, let alone true. This is natural in that we have a belief system, a core belief system that in fact is a habit pattern of thought in-corp-orated into our core, cellular memory or some say DNA over time. It can be changed. And it takes only a short while to change it, when we can stay on it. Twenty-five to thirty days to be exact, to create new brain pathways to incorporate a new system of an entirely new thought pattern. Bob Proctor and all the Masters he has trained call this creating a new mindset or paradigm. A new construct. Jack Canfield tells the story about a NASA experiment wherein they wanted to find out how the astronauts' behaviors would change if totally disoriented for a long period of time. The astronauts were given goggles that flipped their vision upside-down to wear 24-7, even in the shower, to sleep, to eat, every moment. In the period of 25-30 days all the astronauts' brains reprogrammed the neuro-pathways of their vision, flipping their vision right-side-up again. Incredible and astounding! No-one could have predicted or guessed it. Subsequently, in repeating the experiment another group of astronauts were given the goggles and wore them for the same time period only this time half the group took the goggles off at day-15 for one day then put them back on again. This group still had to go another 25-30 days. All participants had their vision flipped to normal at 25-30 days. You too can have a new construct. Keep consistent for 25-30 days and you've got it! There are programs here in these pages to help you get started.

9. We spiral up or spiral down, dancing in the energetic flow.
Traveling the planes of consciousness with feet actively moving in the physical takes us through the dance. Generating high energies in focus on the good, the best in everyone and every thing, and what we truly want is required in order to get good, the best, and what we truly want. It's absolute. We can spiral up or down, while traversing the planes from conscious to unconscious and it's constant and in rhythm. When we feed ourselves the good consistently, and give nothing but, the cycle continues. If when we begin to feel bad we can, if we are aware, catch ourselves, remind ourselves that we have the power to feel differently. We can believe life can change for our increase, improve and become bigger and better because that's our birthright and the natural process of life. If we cannot see it yet, we can begin to think it until our thinking changes, even if it seems impossible. Anything is possible and we see evidence of this everywhere we look. We can believe. If Jesus Christ stood before you to heal you, you would still have to believe for it to be realized. One of the most powerful statements made to me was "If you don't believe in yourself, believe in my belief in you." And I accomplished something I was unwilling to energize previously. It only takes repetition and experience using the new-belief mindset to solidify new thinking. When action is taken in this direction, to incorporate the thought, the experience produces an effect, result, outcome or fruit of the labor. The only reason we have any thoughts at all is because we took them on from someone else, or made them up. If you don't like a thought, just think of other greater things and soon the old will not be part of your current reality. Create a new reality that will always give you the boost up, spiral up that you, that we all seek. We do this naturally, loving ourselves, with treats. When we accomplish something good we treat ourselves with ice cream, a dinner or a vacation. We can do the same when we feel bad to get the same result. We must vibrate with a better-feeling thought than we currently have to spiral up. Use beautiful uplifting music, a smiling face, the touch of a loved one, and focus on the greatest desires within. Use imagination, affirmations, scripts, discussions, pictures, gratitude exercises, coaches, anything that moves you to attain wonderful good feelings.

10. In high energy of excitement, in our full creative power, we win and produce more!
When operating intentionally, paying full attention, consciously aware in our process, and exercising our creative power, we declare our desires to the Universe and watch it produce our reality, often greater than we could have ever imagined! If not, running on automatic pilot produces what T. Harv Eker calls being the "crap magnet." It's either one or the other, and your choice to be. It always comes to the vibration we are in. Living life to the max is where we can be to gift more, to serve more, to be a bigger influence to change the world, impact the lives of others, to leave a legacy or to merely be a bigger, more loving heart. Life is about increase, naturally. And the riches of our infinite abundance includes money, which is an idea. It's a piece of paper, with a perspective on it from the inside. Our Source Energy is always available to us just as we are breathing. We are the energy. We are the current, the conduit, and the currency. When we arrive at the top of our energetic potential we are in full throttle! And if you would be energizing something that would put another down, you are only creating that which will bring you down. Everything we create or attract to us is a reflection of ourself. The gift is always in it. No matter can be so bad that we cannot see how we can benefit by it. We call it all in for a reason. So if you're attracting crap, quit thinking crap. Honor each and every thing as sacred, because it is! Go with the magnificent in you. We each have it, the ability, the possibility, and when we apply whatever it takes, usually consistent repeated effort. Energizing that which is Sacred, we win. Go for the gold! It's here for each of us! And criticizing it is only going to bring us down at some level. If we cannot step up but are complaining about any aspect of it we are in mediocrity attacking excellence, reflecting ourself unto the outside world to get the result back so that we can see and improve upon us. Anything less will bring us down because we are resisting the natural flow of more, higher, bigger, better, richer. Sacred, that which we are in our true and natural essence of Spirit with feet on planet Earth.

Learn to dance in your full creative power and you too can live full throttle!
Become Aware and Create!

To begin learning play the game from the beginning.
We all know what happens when skipping important points.
Therefore, special thanks to my mentor, James Arthur Ray
who lit my path each and every day in a very heartfelt way.
And Godspeed to each and every One each day!

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Pardon our construction, but creativity is creation, action in motion.
You can watch as we build. Enjoy the process and stay tuned!
Study Nature to see the sacredness in every creature, rock, plant, tree, living, breathing, or inanimate object for each is a creation of Spirit, the extension of Spirit. See the cyclical nature of all things. See that beauty can contain thorns. See the faces that are of the same organism of Mother Earth as you are. See the mirror image of yourself in all things, for it is Natural Law.
When we study and live by the Laws of the Universe, Natural Law, our attitude, how we think, feel and act, is resonating in peace, living in Divine order. We exist in the flow of knowing the value, purpose, growth, rhythm, in synchronized harmony with all things. We live our natural birthright, the infinite abundance which is ours for the deserving -- in the service of others, in Sacred Truth.
Standing under the Laws of the Universe we can embark on finding, defining and refining our true purpose in coming to this Earth plane. In serving others, the Divine, we find our greatest rewards, outrageous joy! As we desire. At any age we can define our highest aspirations and achieve! Our purpose is composed of our vision and goals designed to present it. Once in this know, everything that goes with it is easily flowed.
Using tools to reinforce the concentration of our will on that which we desire is usually necessary to complete the cycle of ask, believe and receive. Whatever it is you'd like to achieve, focus on, believe and move your feet! Use these focus re-minders for every aspect of your new construct, purpose, vision and goals wherever it is you spend time each day. Allow and be ready to receive!
See the magic in action occur now in the transforming of our non-belief to belief, in non-understanding to understanding, the truth that the body heals itself when allowing our truth in, clearing and allowing the healing to happen. The body is the instrument of the mind, always in motion, millions to billions of actions every split second. We are in command of it, directing it and it is always listening and performing.
Vibrate in the new consciousness singing the victory song of your dreams come true. Post it for all the world to see! Be the victor, the winner, and stay in beauty, harmony and Love. Raise your vibration and elevate consciousness in the constant cycle of expression and expansion. Exude your Divine grateful outrageously joyful greatness!
Tell your new story in a telegram to the Universe sharing your victory to the world! Whatever the dream create more continuously! Share the power, the story inspiring others to their own possibilities. Show, talk and pave the way. Each of us has at least one glorious story!
Inspire by radiating your glory in a portal of vision, solution and contribution. Offer product, services and illuminate. Shape and give form to the previously unseen. Connect and Network as One is.
In knowing each of us is creating it all we find tranquility and soaring now and for eternity, all along the way transforming. Changing form from here to over there and back again, as desired, skyrocketing through the cosmos in freedom, at will. In Spirit or flesh we expand our Sacred Heart of God, Goddess and Glory, whatever it is you decide, it's your story. Honor your current self or others here to commemorate this glorious life story!

I am creating it all!