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Love is the life force.
Everything comes from within.
Creativity gives way to manifestation.
Freedom is Being in the Flow of the moment.
BeCause you are the Divine, excellence is the calling.
Awareness is desire, decide, allow and energize in the know.


Making Lemonade

I love my lemonade with plenty of sugar. Sweet! And of course that saying says 'when life hands you lemons make lemonade' but now we know perception is everything. So that we should be able to flip that coin any time something begins to go sour, looking for that silver lining, add sugar and turn it to gold!

i think it's getting easier to flip the coin, add the sugar, but it seems we have to keep flipping. What the flip!?! I can only answer, "It's in the stars!"

But you should know by now, it's in our stars! The stars in our head. How clear or unclear we are, how we are affected by a thing, how it makes us feel. Yes, we create from our vibration, our feelings.
So creating comes from our gut and all we have to do is know it, and steer by it.

Ok, hit it! And have fun!

May 31, 2012

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