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Increase Awareness           Create Intentionally

in Creative Power
Love is the life force.
Everything comes from within.
Creativity gives way to manifestation.
Freedom is Being in the Flow of the moment.
BeCause you are the Divine, excellence is the calling.
Awareness is desire, decide, allow and energize in the know.


Just as this bird couldn't see the glass, we do not see who we really are. Even though sometimes we preach it, declare it, singing it out we have very little comprehension of our true gigantically powerful Divinity.

Each of us is THE Divine! Not just Spiritual in nature, but Spirit in Nature!

Whatever I give my attention to I create. It begins with a desire, determined
by a decision and executed by action. However if there is any contradiction to
knowing, or doubt, a lack of faith in the Divine Delivery it can be neutralizing.
In other words our unconscious fears, doubts, or reservations can be the greater
belief or stronger dominant "vibration" or energy in motion thereby creating that.

As an energy healer, trained in touch I can see energy spiraling. I see in my Third
or Mind's Eye energy moving in the shape of a vortex, the wheel of fortune turning.

If you want to unlock your creative powers, open the I's. Keep saying it until you get
it engrained within. "I am the Divine!" and watch what unfolds before you.

I am creating it all!

I can easily forget I learned all of this and have to start over, remembering my power.

I take 100% accountability for creating everything in my individual reality.

Not all of what life looks like is real.

I am on planet Earth for only a few seconds of eternity each lifetime.

I generate and attract that which I think about and command in my world.

My body is a manifestation of my mind.

My thoughts about good and happy things generate endorphins and a healthy body.

My thoughts about less-than-good things create poisons, toxins and acids in the body.

When I am fully aware of the Law of Attraction at work I know I'd better focus on what I want!

The human body is designed to heal itself, and when I feel that it does that on its own.
But when we focus on cancer, we create cancer. When we quit talking about dis-ease and say
thank you for my healing, knowing the body generates and heals itself, we allow the healing.

Say "Universe of Me, thank you for my incredibly powerful instant healing ability!"

Until a new construct of understanding (standing under the Laws of the Universe) our power
takes hold, directing the thinking mind takes effort. It's like walking a fine line, like a
high-wire act, focusing on what is good, half-full vs. half-empty, and what we truly do want
out of the contrast (negative) that takes us there.

With a new construct I can pro-found-ly and radically change who I am!

Every day I am creating my world, every last drop of it, by my energy in motion.

I create myself.

I am creating it all!