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Increase Awareness           Create Intentionally

in Creative Power
Love is the life force.
Everything comes from within.
Creativity gives way to manifestation.
Freedom is Being in the Flow of the moment.
BeCause you are the Divine, excellence is the calling.
Awareness is desire, decide, allow and energize in the know.


Just as in riding in an elevator to another floor we travel the planes of consciousness. Conscious awareness is a state of being alert to where we are in our now, operating in daily life in a degree of knowing who we are by how we identify ourselves and what our power is by how we create in realizing our potential, while in unawareness we subordinate ourselves to others or mis-understandings, mis-takes or mis-perceptions of our true nature.

Higher, super consciousness is also called Spirit, the Divine, Christ-consciousness, Higher Self, self-actualized, higher mind, universal mind, universal intelligence, the mind or heart of God, or the countless names for God, or for that matter, simply, Life Force. This is who we really are and have forgotten for a miniscule moment of eternal time. We are Spiritual Beings, the essence of the Life Force in a little human flesh body, having a human being experience.

As Bob Proctor teaches, Mind is movement. We are Mind in light energy and vibrating in motion, in power that cannot be seen with our very own human eyes, the vision we use on the Earth plane that purposefully enables us to live in a polar, relative, rhythmic, ever-changing world creating according to our perceptions. Therefore, we can unravel at times and bottom out in operating in limited consciousness, until we notice, get moving again, clean it up, traveling, spiraling up to feeling better, realizing we are or can be bigger and accomplishing more in life, elevating.

While it is said that the unconscious is out of our awareness, we need only look for it in our current "reality" to comprehend it. What is here that I really don't want to be creating, energizing, thereby bringing it into our awareness so that we can then allow growth, change for the improvement in ourselves. Increase, is another natural law. We need only see the side of the contrast, the negative, that has been a part of us creating that which we really have a bigger better preference to, to then make a switch for the better, going for, acting for our preference. We can do this by saying emphatically with joy, "I would like this now!" and fill in the "this" with whatever it is.

Studying the Laws of the Universe brings us to standing firmly in our power, ever-increasing Love. Said another way, standing under the laws of the Universe we know who we truly are, the power and all the gifts that we have, usually then finding our true purpose in coming to the Earth plane and next can execute that purpose in the form of our vision of it and goals or steps contained in achieving it.

Keeping increase in mind, that we are all together in mass-consciousness, elevating our collective conscious, this picture of the dragonfly wings, representing the infinity symbol here depicts the ever changing rhythm and flow of energies of polar opposites, relative points, gender points feminine to masculine and back again that I'll call lateral flow, flow from consciousness to unconsciousness I'll call vertical flow, and Center. You might consider this the point of balance, or harmony or the creative void, or point of pure potential. I'll call it Center or God-Self. For descriptive purposes, left is masculine, and right is feminine. Above is consciousness and below is unconsciousness. Spirit resides in the Center.

We are in constant motion and because there was no beginning nor will there be an end of energy, I'll pick the point of beginning this traveling explanation in the unconscious feminine. This is the place or point in time where we birth an idea. We travel vertically up to feminine consciousness and nurture the idea by applying love and energies into it. Next we travel laterally and down to our unconscious masculine where we determine the risk factors of the idea and next vertically up to our masculine consciousness and execute the idea with action in making it real, manifesting or realizing it in the "real" world. Next we would return to the unconscious feminine to expand upon our idea and begin the loop or cycle again.

When we become self-actualized, when we are in full awareness, we continue through the cycle with our full knowledge, meaning absolute certainty of our Divinity, our creative power and can be centered in Spirit while cycling through the conscious planes. It is said that few become truly enlightened, however, since we're cycling, I know we are indeed always in the process of enlightenment.

At any time that we have a slowing down of the process or perhaps a total block, we can, in achieving that awareness, better comprehend the degree of stagnating or stuck and find some extra motivation to push through to the next step. Our past is full of events that reflect the deep aspects of what construct we took on for ourselves consciously or unconsciously, our prime achievements and opportunities, and contrasting pitfalls that can, when we give them a proper perspective, show us how we got there and how to push ourselves or get help, and achieve a more elevated level of consciousness. Unfortunately some of us spiral to "rock bottom" where the good news is, there's only one way to go and that's up. There's always a gift in everything seemingly bad because that gift is the awareness that we want to increase and improve. And because none of this is real. Our true nature is Spirit, infinite and eternal. In full awareness we understand our true magnificence! All else is an illusion of our thinking mind.

This understanding, once recognized, can eliminate any fear of loss, separation or "death" for it does not exist. We merely travel to another plane in another form and begin a new adventure, all-the-while being united in Mind.

I am creating it all!